• Children are often involved in legal matters regarding the relationship of the child with each of his or her parents. The child can be caught in the middle, which is not fair to them. You have a right to enjoy your time with and to parent your children. Family Law Advocate can help. Mary, with a background in psychology, keeps the best interest of all involved parties in mind while handling your case.

  • Divorce is never easy on anyone. It can be a very bumpy road from the time you file for divorce until the all of the papers are signed. Family Law Advocate can help smooth the way so you can move on with your life.

  • Not all parties will always be satisfied with the outcome of each case. Post Judgment Actions can include requesting modification of a final judgment or asking the court to enforce its orders and judgments. Family Law Advocate will help you change the final judgment, when it can be changed, or help you get the court to stand behind its order and gain compliance from the opposing party.

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Why choose Mary?

Mary’s multidisciplinary background provides a unique experience for her clients.  She has an undergraduate degree in psychology and a masters in business administration in addition to her law degree.  This allows her to provide her client’s a vision of the financial, emotional and legal aspects of their cases.

From Mary:

I’m here to help. You need the best legal protection you can get for your family. I’ll be proud to represent you, your family, and your future in any area where professional legal council is needed. I look forward to working with you and getting to know you and your family. Your Family Law Advocate is here.


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