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If you’re looking for a quality Hollywood, Florida divorce attorney, who handles not only the legalities of a divorce, but all the family matters that go with it, Mary is the attorney for you. Experienced in a broad spectrum of practice areas, Mary is the type of skilled and compassionate advocate you want fighting by your side during this difficult time in your life. From the divorce court process to child support, alimony, and more, you can be positive that no stone will go unturned with Mary in charge of your case.

Divorce is never an easy process. No matter how amicable you and your spouse may feel, there is more to a separation than just going to the courthouse and signing papers. There are many changes that will take place affecting not only your life and your financial situation, but, if applicable, your children’s lives as well. Divorce is a scary path to walk upon. Let a trusted and knowledgeable Hollywood, FL attorney help you through this journey.